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We are a group of enthusiastic creatives, we help brands to grow with commercial photos and videos, as well as visual communication. And when we are not pressing the shutter button, you can find us in the nature. We travel in offroad cars, looking for adventures and experiences in the wilderness. Don't expect boring advertising products that are photographed on a white background from us. We do it differently. With a story. With our adventurous soul. In the heart of Prague and Brno, we created a unique creative space, the product photo studio MOCUP. SPACE, which you can use to capture product photos, especially for social networks, lifestyle & image photos, scenes with lots of accessories and using different backgrounds.



Lifestyle Product and Travel photography

Instragram @juriduri

Super Designers

Group Leader

Are you in need of graphic designers? We do all the usual things. But we do them remarkably. You need to get it done QUICK? We're here to help you save your ass. ignment.



Graphic, UX and Web Design




The Mocup is an online service that provides photorealistic templates of various types of devices, printed materials and merchandise for marketing and promotion purposes. With the help of our mockups, you can show your clients or agencies individual graphic designs (corporate identity/online presentation/mobile apps) by adding them directly into the template and the client can then better imagine the final product in real life. And that comes in handy!


Etnetera Group

Graphic, UX and Web Design

Time for a change. When you feel stuck, it's better to stop and start over. Experiencing freedom at work, in a company like Etnetera Group, is something everyone should try. A lot of new experiences, skills and the right step forward.



Graphic, UX and Web Design

At this point, already the biggest search engine for special offers and great deals on goods in the Czech Republic. Every day, it sorts out discounts and special offers from all over the web. Vacations, goods, dining, and gifts bargains at your fingertips.



Graphic, Web Design and Frontend Developer

A company specializing in internet projects in the Czech republic as well as worldwide. It was my first employer ever, and it has enabled me to work in the field and learn about new technologies, apply them and continue making my dreams come true.



Graphic, Web Design and Frontend Developer

I'm studying high school and I'm learning how to freelance. My first online presentation is live. And by the way, it's successful and gets a recognition as a final project. Might that have been the first sign I would be working in the web development?


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